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Selection – 16 June

Turns out our graphic designer is on holiday this week, so here are this week’s teams in text format.

1st XI

Ricardo De Nobrega

Rupert Swetman

Will Rudd

Matt Tavare

Alex Harris

James Ribbons

Will Penny

Finlay Yates

Stu MacArthur

Gareth Griffiths

Ben Orr

2nd XI

Steve Jacobs

Jon Sheeran

Mark Beach

Ben Harris

Alex Lee

Matt Comfort

John Roper

Jack Harvey

Simon Pratt

Richard Haydon

Joe Colebrook

3rd XI

Randal Leonard

Dave Yates

Mike Dodson

Fraser Kuhlwilm

Gareth Thomas

Adam Stenlake

Auden Barnes

Tom Beach

Mike Fulham

Ollie Harris

Henry Andrews

4th XI

Nathan Williams

Stephen Wilkinson

Rob Simpson

Murray Bishop

Tabish Yousuf

Rich Miller

David May-Carrasco

Guy Fearon

Will Dearman

Craig Strachan

David Ritchie

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